Milk maid hair tutorial

I've been getting tons of questions about my hair when I wear the ' Heidi'-hairdo . I get asked if it's a lot of effort, when really this is just a simple hairstyle I wear when I want to cover up a bad hair day, haha. Just wanted to show you how easy it is, I do this in under 2 minutes.

Make sure you brush your hair well.

Divide your hair in two parts. You can also go for 4 parts to create a more complex-looking style (like Louise Ebel wears it), but I'm gonna go for two today. If you like, you can pick out some shorter strands of hair next to your face and exclude them from the braids. Tie a hairband around the hair. I'm going to take it off after I braid it, this is just to secure that the braid won't be too tight.
Make a loose braid and then take the hairband off.

Put the braid over your head and secure the end with bobby pins. I usually take about three for each braid but you might need more depending on how thick your hair is.
Follow the same steps with the other side.
Flip it over your head again.
Secure it right behind the other braid. That way the braids will cover each other's ends and the bobby pins.
Voilà, wasn't that easy?

I don't know if this tutorial was helpful at all, but in case it wasn't, at least I gave myself an excuse to play with Photobooth on my new Mac.

Anything fun planned for this weekend?


Abigail Oliveros said...

you are one adorable person! and yes, your tutorial was actually a great help. i'm going to attempt to do it tonight!

Laurein said...

Ooh, leuk. Het is goed uitgelegd trouwens.
Dit ga ik zeker een proberen. liefs

varmeflaska said...


Maria Nikolaeva said...

ohh thanks for that, very lovely :) a must-try!

Ana E. Parra said...

simply adorable! can't wait to try it!


Mary said...

Lovely! :D

M. Kathryn

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks a lot everyone! I'd love to see the results of those of you who tried! ♥

Rosa said...

I wish my hair was longer to do this! I'm growing out my hair!

Bárbara said...

How lovely!! if I give it a go I'll make a post ;)

thanks for the information!!

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thank you! It makes me happy that you like it!

Love Like Birds said...

You're so cute

mrock said...

I'll be trying this hairdo soon! It looks fun!!

3253128 said...

oh no! i tried it and under the beginning of the plait (after i turned it upside down to secure it on the top of my head) there were weird huge bunches of hair - it was all kinda poofy. how do you get the hair to stay down in that part?
ps. thanks for the tute! you look so cut doing it :)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Maybe you have layers in your hair? I can't really visualize what's happening with your hair. do you mean that its too loose so you get like a bubble of hair at the back/side of your head? cause that happens but it's sort of how it's supposed to be. Maybe practise makes perfect? Good luck!

Felin said...

One of the most simple and helpful hairdo tutorials I've seen! It's always good to find another way to wear longer hair up now it's getting hotter, too. Many thanks :)

And I've just found out I'm to be taken off to Paris for my anniversary - I'll practice this to wear there ^^