Yesterday we went to Liseberg with Daniel's brother and his fiancé, and Daniels sister and her daughter. Liseberg is the biggest themepark in Scandinavia and we live really close to it, our house is the closest house to the park.

I mostly went on rollercoasters cause I don't like rides that spin and make me nauseous.
Standing in line for hotdogs
Sebastian, Hanna and Angeliqua. We went in this bumperboat ride and I got supersoaked, down to my underwear.
Drying my butt on Westlife's hands.
Hotdogs again. They had sojahotdogs!
Me, a latino and Johanna posing with a trashcan.
Look what I won! And Daniel bought me bunny ears; I had to go for the full Liseberg experience. Today we're going to Ikea!

How was your weekend?
Love, Laura


michèle said...

sounds as you had a great weekend :) my weekend was nice too. i've spend much time with my boyfriend, we cooked together, we took a walk in the forrest and we laught so much. but next weekend will be great too! I'm glad.

By the way, i love your blog! :)

quehacessuzzy said...

Very cute pictures, you and your boyfriend are adorable together!