Jónsi concert and party

On wednesday Daniel and Elke and I went to see Jónsi. It was so beautiful and happy. The visuals were so dreamlike, so amazing, definitely one of the most special and impressive concerts I've ever been to.

Because Elke had made friends with the bassplayer in the afternoon, we got invited to join everyone downstairs at the dressingrooms, where we drank beer and some special beet-and-ginger-concoctions and danced to Vanilla Ice and 2 Unlimited.

Doddi is the best drummer in the world.

Alex hijacked my camera and took this wonderful series of pictures I'd like to call the charms of failed portraiture by Alex Somers:

Úlfur by Alex

Jónsi by Alex

Me and Daniel by Alex and lastly, Alex by me.

Focusing is hard when youre tipsy but I really sort of like the colors in this.
After the dressingroom-party we all went to Korsakoff, which is a scary tacky club, and there we danced to Rage Against The Machine and System Of A Down and Black Eyed Peas and reggaeton, then we went home at 4 in the morning.

I wore my prettiest dress:

Thursday was hangoverday. This morning Daniel went home really early.
20 days 'til Sweden.


Hafsa said...

great shots!

Silly Susie said...


Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

TSFOFGT;;;SODFTO*&SDFT I KNOW ♥ I'm still amazed. Jonsi has been my hero since I'm 13. I felt like an idiot talking to him cause I just rattled about random stuff cause I was so nervous.

Nathalie said...

Ooh, wat een mooie foto's van het optreden enzo !!
Jullie hebben echt zo veel geluk dat jullie Jonsi & Alex & de band hebben kunnen ontmoeten achteraf ohh.
De vorige keer zat ik nog te denken wat ik zou zeggen moest ik ooit de kans krijgen om met Jonsi te spreken, en het beste wat ik kon bedenken was : "mag ik jou aanraken en wil je een ijslands kinderliedje zingen voor mij, gewoon om te zien of je echt bent" hahaha, maar dan zou hij waarschijnlijk heel raar naar mij kijken ;p

Anonymous said...

De foto's zijn absolutely gorgeous! Tevens goed dat je de drummer in het spotlicht heb gezet! De man was geniaal!

Rosa said...

That indeed is the prettiest little dress!
I honestly need to get out more to watch concerts and watch the amazing light shows.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks so very much!

cecillian said...

wow! sounds like you had so much fun, and i am truly jealous you got to meet jonsi, alex and the band, you lucky bird!