I am ashamed to live in a country with 1,5 million xenophobic douchebags.

The extreme-right anti-islam party was the 3rd biggest party in the elections yesterday.


Geert Wilders reeled in voters by being really strong about issues like retirement age, health care, housing and education... This morning he already said he was willing to change his stance on the retirement age. Of course. Soon he will drop all the other points and only go for the immigration law.

I am amazed by the stupidity of this country.


Annlaug said...

I did not understand so much of that... I am not following the Dutch politics because I am living in Norway :) Nice blog btw! :) I will surely follow it! :D

Have a nice day/ groetjes van een noors/nederlands meisje :)

Dodo said...

We kunnen niet bepaald trots zijn hé. Ik mocht eindelijk stemmen (links) en dan gaan er nog zo veel mensen naar wilders /barf

Anne-Fleur said...

Ik snap het ook niet. Deebielen.

inertia said...

hey laura,it really happens everywhere, and don't worry, i' m italian(sigh!) you still have such a nice country, or at least that's what it looks like..let's hope that whole europe won' t turn stupid all at the same time, right?
let's hope also that exchanging experiences and living abroad will help people open a little their minds..

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Well, I've lost hope. Belgian elections were crazy too, also voted for some crazy guy who wants to split belgium in 2 separate states. UGH, why can't people vote for sane politicians?