26th of June

Yesterday I arrived to Sweden! My flight was supposed to go at 6.45 in the morning so I arrived at the airport at 5.00, only to find that my fight had been delayed by a minimum of 6 hours. So I spent 8 hours at the airport watching Gilmore Girls on my laptop and at 13.00 my plane finally came. I arrived to Gothenburg at 15.00.

Daniel had made our apartment really nice. He got lots of lovely things to eat like strawberries and icecream and he bought me apple-pie for my (late) birthday cause he knows it's my favorite. He also got all my favorite Swedish fashion and gossip magazines.

Then he took me to Max for dinner cause I missed their burgers so much.
This is our lovely new bike.
So many magazines to read!
My cake with candles.
Daniel got a muffin.
Here is the magazine I'm in, but in real life now.

Today is Midsummersday so EVERYTHING is closed but luckily the weather is nice!


Zeahnna said...

How sweet....

Bárbara said...

Happy late bday!! daniel is so sweet

Mariell Amélie said...

congrats with your apartment and birthday and everything! looks like you have a great time to look forward too. :))

mrock said...

Aw, Daniel is so sweet! Enjoy Sweden! :)

Haven said...

What a great guy!