11th of June

Another summery dress! 14 days til Sweden so I'm officially allowing myself to start packing, or at least deciding what to bring and what to leave here.


Dodo said...

That dress is really cute! And happy that you got rid of your faker!

Gorgeous Clara said...

loving the dress

Myrthe H said...

Lovely dress! Where is it from?

I'm going to Sweden too! x

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

What a sweet little dress! I'd love to be wearing something similar right now, it's getting so hot! I'm sure your packing will be full of beautiful clothes.

Carolyn said...

have fun in sweden! i think i'll be going this summer too

Mo said...

hi hi "utan lök" is the first thing i needed to know too !!! ;-)

it's totally ok to start packing now ! you should be prepared !

lovely summer dress !

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks so much for the comments, everyone, I really appreciate it! My dress is from a little boutique, the brand is Daphea.

Carolyn, when and where will you be going?

Anda denayu said...

i love that dressss :DDDDDDDDDDDD

mm can i ask you for help ? :s
i wanna make lookbook,but someone must invite me :(
can you ?
please :(
but if you dont want to help me,its okay i still love your fashion :)
keep fashioning sista <3