30th of May // Pinkpop

I was at Pinkpop festival yesterday.

I didn't bring my 'real camera' cause of these strict pressrestrictions at the festival, figured it'd give me more trouble than pleasure so I brought my crappy little compactcamera which I took like 3 pictures with all day.

Had a fun time, the weather was amazing at the start of the day. This is how it looked from inside the press lounge.

My dearest flatmate Vrederick was there too, he had to take pictures of people's shoes all weekend.

Basically I didn't see any bands play, I arrived late, hung out with Vrederick, had icecream, walked around in the sun (i got freckles!), talked to strangers, saw some awesome Stanley Donwood art, had a big falafel, went to the festivalmarket... My friend Stefaan was there with 2manydjs, we spent most of the afternoon drinking champagne and catching up after not seeing each other for a really long time.

David Dewaele and Maarten playing an impressive match of pingpong.

2manydjs in front of an enthusiastic Pinkpop-crowd. Really cool part of the show was that they kept adding lights etc during the set (if you're wondering what those people in overalls are doing). Oh yeah and someone threw beer on them.

Later it started to rain so that sort of sucked while I was going home. Well, at least I got to go home! Felt really bad for all the people who were staying at the campside. I hate camping in the rain.

Tonight Daniel comes back! I can't believe he is finally done touring.

Did anyone else go to Pinkpop this weekend? Or are there any other festivals you're looking forward to?


Iulia Romana said...

Music Festivals are always a blast !

Maria Nikolaeva said...

funny, I've never been to a music festival or even a concert of any band I love cause I live in such a small town so far in Russia :P

I like reading about how things like that go :) And happy for you and your boyfriend, I know how it feels not to see each other for a long time..

Shop Fashion Headquaters said...

That looks like fun!

I'm excited to go to Electric Daisy Carnival (edc) on June 25.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

That seems like a nice festival! What's playing?