25th of May

Yesterdaynight John & Jehn played at Paradiso, after the gig we all went home to dear Rosa and we had a cosy night in until 4 in the morning when we all got tired and went to bed. I hate taking pictures with flash so to make them a little less ugly I shot in black and white. Oh yeah and listen to John & Jehn on myspace.

I wore this ultracute dress by Miss Patina. I'll do a better post about it soon, it's really one of my new favorite dresses.

Also, today Daniel and I are together 1,5 year exactly. We're going to pretend that our anniversary is on sunday instead, when he comes home from the tour. Then we will celebrate in style.


Anonymous said...

I hate shooting with flash too, it makes people... flat, I don't know. I don't like it, but like yourself, I've developped my own tricks to make it better for nighttime photos.

I love that dress by the way, I guess this whole sailor vibe is definitely growing on me. :)

Happy one and a half years, please stay together for another bunch! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy half anniversary! You look lovely in that dress.

hannah, heart city said...

cool photos, i love the dress. and happy anniversary!