24th of May

Today was a warm and lovely day, with nice dresses and lots of mosquitobites. I killed 10 mosquito's in my room last night. I love love love summer but it has its downsides.

The Ruby Suns were great yesterday, I wish more people would have shown up at the gig cause they really deserve it. Listen listen listen to their songs on myspace. They have been out touring for 3 months now and still have to go non-stop until like september. And to think I'm having such a hard time with Daniel being away for 2 months.

Tonight I'm seeing the lovely John & Jehn.

Have you been out enjoying the wonderful weather?


Iulia Romana said...

The dress is so delicate and fine,I adore it ! And of course,you look amazing :)

kate maggie said...

This is amazing! Your hair is my absolutely favorite favorite. I will go listen to them on Myspace. I would imagine you have amazing taste in music..:) I hope you have an amazing week, lady. x

Abigail Oliveros said...

It's a holiday in Vancouver today. Even though the majority of the day was gloomy, I went to three different beaches.

Biana said...

I love this photo. The dress is just so wonderful