Do excuse me for the lack of interesting blogposts, my life is just not that bloggable right now. I work 5 days a week from 9 to 5, so there's not too much time to take pictures or shop (the second one is a good thing). Soon it will be weekend though. I will try to make it up to you.

In one month and four days I am leaving for Sweden. It will be the most wonderful summer. My friend Elke (I've blogged about her before) will be there too so it'll be lovely to have a friend to hang out with. Also, she's really beautiful so we can do lots of photoshoots etc.

Daniel came home from the tour yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't get to Gothenburg, so now I won't see him until Sunday the 30th. At least it's nice to know that he's home and has a chance to get some rest. In a few days he will head out again to play some more dates in Finland.

Why don't you give me some of your favorite blogs/tumblrs so I can amuse myself during quiet hours at work! I could use some inspiration.



- said...

Hoi Laura!
Gezien je voorliefde voor vintage kleding moet je ook eens kijken op:
http://liebemarlene.blogspot.com en http://thesnailandthecyclops.blogspot.com

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Ah, merci!
Liebemarlene ken ik al maar die ander is ook heel mooi! Bedankt voor de tip! Kus!

Sam Clarke said...

Hey Laura,

I know how you feel Im working 5 days a week to and I travel to manchester on weekends, so I have no time either.

I hope that you have some time to look at some blogs and just relax.

Im looking forward to taking some pictures at the weekend.

hope you get chance to take some photos. Im glad to hear you have lots to look forward to =]

Love Like Birds said...

Oh, het gaat echt heerlijk worden, lief!
Kan niet wachten!!