7th of April

I was going to be the best girlfriend ever and suprise Daniel by showing up secretly when he had to play in Brussels the 17th of April. I couldn't stop thinking about it, it was the best plan ever. I already booked the bus. I couldn't stop thinking about what his reaction would be, and if I'd be able to hide it from him when I am with him the week before. I already planned what books I was going to bring for when I had to sit on the bus for 8 hours.

Now the show in Brussels got cancelled.
Fucckkkk this. Im so sad.

Now I had to tell him about my plan which wasn't nearly as much fun but he still thought I was the sweetest girlfriend ever.

Outfit of the day:

I bought this tunic yesterday and I shortened the sleeves this morning. I love it.


Anonymous said...

lovely look!
i love the combination of white tights and floral tunic

Iulia Romana said...

The outfit is great and..damn,what a story.

You could try this funny site out , it's full of stories like yours.
I had a great time reading them :))


Rachel Holm said...

INloveWITH this top. seriously!!


La Nordine said...

Intention is what counts =)

Hypeed.com ☀☀ said...

So lovely!

xx Alex