28th of April


dress, vintage // hat, H&M // shoes, boutique
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I love where I live. It's in the middle of the city, but within 2 minutes I can be in this beautiful park where it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.


Unknown said...

Oh Im searching for a hat like that! Its so cute. Did you get it from H&M this season?

P. said...

Ooooh you look so cute with this dress and this pretty hat!! Really retro and romantic style, I love it! I'm voting for you on Lookbook ^^
For Linnéa, I just saw a hat like this today in H&M, and another one in Zara (but a bit big) ;)
I hesitate to take it... Maybe I shouldn't ^^
Kisses from Paris!! ;)

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Yeah I think it must have come in this week cause I've been looking for one for AGES but yesterday I found this one at H&M.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

And thank you Pandore!

M. said...

gorgeous pictures and dress

lovelove, M.

Veronica_Fraticelli said...

cute and so innocent:) looks like we have almost the same hat! btw, I've change my adress, please take a look if you like. bests!

MELISSA Z. said...

wow! These pics are simply wonderful and you're so cute with this dress! <3


Jessica said...

it really does look like you're in some forest or something..perfect outfit. you always look so pretty in your photos.

Emma said...

Such a beautiful blog! :-)