24th of April

My dress and belt are vintage, the corsage is from Vero Moda.

Yesterday and thursday I was in Antwerp to see my boyfriend who was playing there with his band. It went a lot better than in Brussels, they were already there when I arrived in Antwerp so Danny and I walked around for a few hours through Antwerp, which is a really nice city! We decided to book us a cute little hotel so we didnt have to stay at the appointed accomodation with the rest of the guys. It was so nice to have some quiet time!

The show went pretty shit even though EF played realy well, cause the soundguy was stoned and didn't know how to do his job, but there were lots of lovely friends and strangers at the show which made everything much better.


Abigail Oliveros said...

where can I order Halo of Pendor or EF cds?

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Ef for all of EF's records.

Regarding Halo of Pendor tapes and demo's you can contact daniel at haloofpendor@gmail.com, he'll gladly figure something out with you when he comes back from the tour in june.

Neon Enlightenment said...

Wauw, wat een mooie setting! Stel je voor dat je in dat huis woont... Waar werden deze foto's genomen?
Zo idyllisch! Ik wou dat er zo'n locatie dichtbij was, die vijver ziet er heerlijk uit om in te zwemmen (hoewel waarschijnlijk niet erg geschikt daarvoor).

Teresa said...

These are really pretty, as usual, Laura. :)

About the sound guy... it really does suck when people are not responsible and professional. I'm a theater actress, so... I know what i'm talking about. ahahah

Anyway, all is well. :)

Love Like Birds said...

Oh, blij dat't allemaal goed is verlopen, lief!
Je(/jullie) verdiende(n) het!

Mo said...

you look sooo "springy" in this outfit !! it is lovely !!!!

Daniel said...

I love these spring pictures honey. You truly look like a princess.