18th of April

Yesterday was a shit day.

It started out happy, with the message that Daniels lost iPhone was safe and back with him. A taxidriver in Germany found it in his taxi. Daniel doesn't remember going by taxi so I guess that's where it went wrong.

I went to Brussels to see Daniel. I spent about 12 hours on trains and buses to see my boyfriend, I was expecting to stay over in Brussels with him but in the end I only saw him for an hour. They arrived late cause they were stuck in traffic and they had to leave almost immediately after the show to make it to a ferry to England. Because the vulcano/cancelled flights all the ferries were fully booked and they were lucky to still get a spot at one, which happened to be in the middle of the night.

Also, Sarah Hermans and I were going to do a shoot together but at the last minute we didn't have a location anymore. Then we just went to the park and had icecream. That was nice though.

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Anonymous said...

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