14th of April

Weekend trip to Groningen, Utrecht, Ghent and Tilburg with EF. Like always, some by my and some by Daniel.


Me at Hedwigs place where we stayed in Groningen.

There is so much love in this band.


My little prince having breakfast.

Going for a walk in the sun.

De Dom van Utrecht; yes we like to go sightseeing.


I look a bit retarded here but this picture is really about the pretty background.

Some of our Belgian friends.

Most of our gang were getting an bit sick so we got coughsyrup. Also, doughnuts.

When the band were setting up and soundchecking, Tommy, Patric and I went to play pool.


The posters for the gig at 013 in Tilburg


geneviève bjargardóttir said...

cough syrup + doughnuts. awesome combo. i am sure it made everyone all better.

Catherine said...

I just checked out your flickr and I think you are a really talented photographer! I love the effect on these pics.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you don't look retarded at all! But the background is indeed pretty. ;)

Your photography just keeps getting better, I love it!


Samantha Conlon said...


Abigail Oliveros said...

I really wish I could travel all the way to Sweden just to watch EF play. That would be amazing.

Laurein said...

Ik kijk er al naar uit als ze in Antwerpen komen :)
Wel fijn dat je mee kan touren met hen!

Sophie said...

these photos are beautiful, especially that last one!

Jessica said...

your photos are beautiful as always. my favorite is the one with the balloons. <3

Anonymous said...

every single photograph here makes me feel something special and i only get that feeling with truly beautiful photographs

so thanks for that

Nathalie said...

Hello there ! I saw you yesterday at the EF show in Brussels, it was so great ! And I really think you and Daniel are so sweet =)
I also admire your pictures, I try to learn some photgraphy on my own but it's hard!

By the way, I was wondering, with which iphone app(s) do you make these great effects on pictures ?

Love xx