28th of April


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I love where I live. It's in the middle of the city, but within 2 minutes I can be in this beautiful park where it feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.


This took me right back to being a 15-year-old fangirl.


26th of April

This morning I went to the Noordermarkt and bought two cute dresses. I love living so close to this market, it's a really big one with all kinds of second hand clothes. Big piles to wade through and great bargains to find, these two together were 25€. The shoes are from a second hand store in Antwerp.

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25th of April

Every 25th of the month Daniel and I celebrate another month of being happy together. It sucks that he's not here now. Or next month. But after that we'll have an everyday life together again, even if it's just for a couple of months.

This week I was featured in the section 'Net-style' in Swedish magazine CHIC (which similar to Grazia in other countries). Thank you CHIC!

Translation: Laura Gommans lives in Amsterdam but has her boyfriend in Sweden and is learning Swedish (among other things by reading CHIC!). Visit her blog for lovely outfits and photos, both romantic and inspiring. "I love lace, florals, frills, soft pinks and babyblues. I love to look for second hand bargains and pairing them with basics from chainstores", she says.


24th of April

My dress and belt are vintage, the corsage is from Vero Moda.

Yesterday and thursday I was in Antwerp to see my boyfriend who was playing there with his band. It went a lot better than in Brussels, they were already there when I arrived in Antwerp so Danny and I walked around for a few hours through Antwerp, which is a really nice city! We decided to book us a cute little hotel so we didnt have to stay at the appointed accomodation with the rest of the guys. It was so nice to have some quiet time!

The show went pretty shit even though EF played realy well, cause the soundguy was stoned and didn't know how to do his job, but there were lots of lovely friends and strangers at the show which made everything much better.


Haha a Canadian website used my picture with an article about Zooey Deschanel,
they actually think it's her!


19th of April

Dress from Costes.

I asked time off work so I'm going to be able to make it to Antwerp next week.
That makes me really happy. I hope it'll go better than it went in Brussels.

After that it's 20 days til I see him one day in Oberhausen and then I won't see him until somewhere in June. At the end of June I'll go to Gothenburg again for the whole summer.


18th of April

Yesterday was a shit day.

It started out happy, with the message that Daniels lost iPhone was safe and back with him. A taxidriver in Germany found it in his taxi. Daniel doesn't remember going by taxi so I guess that's where it went wrong.

I went to Brussels to see Daniel. I spent about 12 hours on trains and buses to see my boyfriend, I was expecting to stay over in Brussels with him but in the end I only saw him for an hour. They arrived late cause they were stuck in traffic and they had to leave almost immediately after the show to make it to a ferry to England. Because the vulcano/cancelled flights all the ferries were fully booked and they were lucky to still get a spot at one, which happened to be in the middle of the night.

Also, Sarah Hermans and I were going to do a shoot together but at the last minute we didn't have a location anymore. Then we just went to the park and had icecream. That was nice though.


16th of April

I've been so super awful at updating.

Tomorrow I'm going to Brussels to be with my man for a few hours and also to meet up with the wonderful Sarah Hermans to hopefully take some pictures together.

After that, lots of pictures, I promise.
It's just been a drag sorting through all of them. So many concert shots, I don't know where to begin or what to do with them.

In the meantime, here's a picture of two of my favourite guys.


14th of April

Weekend trip to Groningen, Utrecht, Ghent and Tilburg with EF. Like always, some by my and some by Daniel.


Me at Hedwigs place where we stayed in Groningen.

There is so much love in this band.


My little prince having breakfast.

Going for a walk in the sun.

De Dom van Utrecht; yes we like to go sightseeing.


I look a bit retarded here but this picture is really about the pretty background.

Some of our Belgian friends.

Most of our gang were getting an bit sick so we got coughsyrup. Also, doughnuts.

When the band were setting up and soundchecking, Tommy, Patric and I went to play pool.


The posters for the gig at 013 in Tilburg


8th of April

Please take some time to watch this, at least from like the 6th minute, it's so epic.
Gives me the chills.

(the sound is a bit low so its best to listen on real speakers or with headphones)
One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

Today my boyfriend left on tour.
Saturday I will be on the train for 2,5 hours to Groningen where I'll see him again.
Then I will join for a few days. I miss him a lot.


7th of April

I was going to be the best girlfriend ever and suprise Daniel by showing up secretly when he had to play in Brussels the 17th of April. I couldn't stop thinking about it, it was the best plan ever. I already booked the bus. I couldn't stop thinking about what his reaction would be, and if I'd be able to hide it from him when I am with him the week before. I already planned what books I was going to bring for when I had to sit on the bus for 8 hours.

Now the show in Brussels got cancelled.
Fucckkkk this. Im so sad.

Now I had to tell him about my plan which wasn't nearly as much fun but he still thought I was the sweetest girlfriend ever.

Outfit of the day:

I bought this tunic yesterday and I shortened the sleeves this morning. I love it.


1st of April

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I am going to dye my hair dark again.

Had my last exam today, no more school until september!
Seems like such an impossible concept to grasp.

I want to hug Jónsi

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

This video is too cute. I love his solo work and I also love that it's supposed to be in English but instead it sounds like magic fairylanguage.