Owen Pallett

awesome [ˈɔːsəm]
1. inspiring awe
2. Slang; excellent or outstanding
3. Owen Pallett

For those of you who don't know Owen Pallett, before 2010 he went by the name of Final Fantasy. He is a brilliant violinist, also known for doing string arrangements for the likes of Arcade Fire and Beirut. In his live performances he uses a loopstation with which he samples himself, plays over what he played before and creates amazing walls of sound. When you close your eyes it's like you're listening to a full string quartet. Take a look at this, it's really fun to watch.

I saw him last monday at a church, where he played some songs off his great new album 'Heartland' but also some older work.

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Daniel said...

you forgot to mention his "awesome" support act!

/he who fights the dragons