31st of March

Spring is slowly but surely on it's way, and my favorite thing to wear in spring (or whenever, really) are floral print dresses! These are some favorites from my closet:

Oh and for those of you in or near Gothenburg, EF are having a releaseparty for their new album at Sticky Fingers tonight.


Anonymous said...

nice dresses
i just can't belive that weather is good enough to wear them ;)

Caroline said...

I love that floral teal and magenta dress. I enjoy wearing dresses like those much with tights and a kick-ass pair of boots. Channel the Daria hommage.

Laurein said...

Ik vind de onderste het mooist. Ik geef je gelijk in verband met het dragen van bloemenkleedjes :)
fijne blog trouwens x

forest clash said...

is the romper in the bottom right handmade? it's so adorable. i've been wanting to make one instead of just finding them at secondhand stores, but i'm a little intimidated by the task.