30th of March

I'm really busy these days, like always everything comes down to the last few days of the semester. I'm so stressed out but I made a good planning and know everything will turn out ok in the end cause I'm a good student like that.

I found an internship, which is a big relief. I'm going to work at LiveXS, which is the biggest free musicmagazine in Holland and Belgium. I really like this magazine, I've been reading it since I can remember.

I can't believe how time flies, now it's almost easter again! Any plans? Going to look for eggs or anything? I'm going to visit my parents and hopefully I'll be done with everything and I can relax for a few days and be a better blogger.

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Unknown said...


My name is Danielle. I have been reading your blog for about a month and I really enjoy it. I am on lookbook.nu so I found your blog through one of your looks I like. I am most impressed by your photography and the fact that you can get your boyfriend to pose with you/for you. Mine won't! It's a shame cause he is so darn cute. Hahah.
I also have a blog if you are interested in checking it out here: