26th of March

du och jag

Now he's back in Gothenburg and we will see each other again in about 2 weeks when he is playing in Holland with EF.

It's strange that just a few hours after he leaves, it feels like it was ages ago since he was here. I miss him when he's not around, everything feels a lot more relevant when we're together.


carla sofia. said...

hello Laura, well, first of all, I came to the translator of Google, because I am Portuguese, and have not mastered very well English.
however, just wanted to ask if the CD release of the EF, also comes to Portgual?
thank you, kiss.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Hey Carla Sofia!
Thanks for writing me. You can buy Mourning Golden Morning from iTunes, as well as order it online from some places. If you look on google I'm sure you'll find something. Also I think your local recordstore should be able to order it.
Much love!

berkeley said...

i followed your blog, its wonderful. please follow mine in return.

carla sofia. said...

well, I found this site:

and I think I buy here, however hope that the bearings are not very expensive.
thank you again Laura.

LeinaElysia said...

hi, i'm already following your blog. =)
i love it.
The picture of you two in this post is amazing. So much love.