17th of March

Today the weather was wonderful. Finally.

I went out to take pictures but I didn't get much good ones, I couldn't concentrate cause three of these chavvy guys came up to me and were like: 'Hey beautiful, why don't you take pictures of us, hahaha.' Then I wanted to leave. So I went to the secondhandshop instead and I bought a blouse, a knitted top and a coat for 9 euro in total. That cheered me up. And so did the weather. And the giant funfair around the corner. It's all fun fun fun.


Another thing that cheered me up was my phonebill; it was about half of what it was pre-iPhone. I seriously recommend everyone with a longdistance relationship to get iPhones, and I swear I'm not getting paid to say this. You can just do everything over internet, emails and ping instead of texting. It saves me some serious money.

Yesterday Michelle came over for dinner & wine. It's such a shame that I hardly ever see her anymore. She's lovely. After dinner we went to de Nieuwe Anita to see Rosa's new band. It was their first gig and it was lovely. Listen to Bird On The Wire on myspace.

Also, a while ago I bought this skirt and I made it shorter and now I'm excited to wear it this summer.


jujubee said...

wow i really like both of your looks! that sucks that you got creeped on tho. :/ but glad to hear you got some good cheap stuff to cheer you up :)

ediot said...

love that first photo! im glad you did manage to snap this nice one before the silly guys came. hope youre great. when are you back in sweden again?

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thanks darling! I actually wont be back in sweden for a really long time, not until june! Cause daniel is going on tour soon and he wont be back until then. But from june im coming for the whole summer!!

Anonymous said...

the first photo is beautiful, shame about the guys!

Little Gracie Fox said...

Gorgeous outfit, the colours look so pretty together, shoes are lovely too...

Rosanne said...

i love the first picture and your clothes! mmm i think i like your blog :)