13th of March



Anonymous said...

Love this song!
And like your blog, I follow you! :]

Anonymous said...

i like your blog... i see your picture on look book you are so beautiful!!


Jessica said...

have i not told you what a big cure fan i am? my dad gave me "standing on a beach" cassette when i was 12. i fell in love with robert smith and i've loved the cure ever since. i saw them for my 21st birthday in 2008, june 5th- dallas, tx. i was so close to the stage, i cried like a baby. it was the best concert of my entire life.

exhalefrom said...

I love reading your blog/looking at photos (not creepily).
Have you heard WHY?'s cover of Close to Me? If you haven't, listen to it NOW. It's incredible.


Laura said...

Ah, jessica, thats so cool to hear!! Ive never seen them, unfortunately. They played here in 2008 too but tickets were like 40€ and i was broke.

Exhalefrom, thank you and yes i have, why? are like my favourite band. They played here last saturday but then i was on the other side of the country at my best friends birthday, which seemed a little more important. Luckily ive already seen them like 5 times..