11th of March

Tickets for Owen Pallett and Jónsi Birgisson are in! I'm glad Owen Pallett got rid of that 'Final Fantasy' pseudonim cause it was always really awkward to tell people I love Final Fantasy and they'd assume I meant the game. I don't.

Also psyched about Jónsi's solo-escapades. Everything that man does is golden. He even made DJ Tiësto somewhat bearable. The keyword being 'somewhat'.

Anyway, back to girlygirlness, I posted a new look on Lookbook.


Claire said...

Hey! Love your look and found it while browsing LookBook!


Simona said...

Love the look :)
greetings from italy ;D

Simona said...
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Frannie said...

That is SUCH a cute look!

Wanderlust said...

I LOVE Jonsi's solo work! Boy Lilikoi is definitely going to be on repeat for all of spring.
Back to girlygirlness, you have such a cute wardrobe!

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

Oooo, I love your outfit so much, dear. I've been looking for a top like that! It goes perfectly with little floral skirts like that.

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Thank you all!
Roxanne, I bought that top at H&M about 2 years ago, also in black. Maybe they'll bring them back cause this style is in magazines a lot lately? Hope so!

Catherine said...

Loving the skirt, my friend!

FashionHippieLoves said...

cute look!
Really like your bustier!


Aniamaluje said...

Your style is amazing, so feminine and cute! ;)
greetings from Poland