100 letters.

This was my afternoon today. Daniel and I made Halo of Pendor demo's. We used stamps to make the front and we wrote the tracklist on the back, along with a unique thank you note on every single one. I think I must have written about a 100. It was really fun, it was nice to be creative seeing as I've been so uninspired lately when it comes to photography.

You can buy these on the EF-tour (see the dates here), if there are some left we will be selling them by mail as well. We have to wait and see how things go. On behalf of Daniel I'd like to thank some sweet people who bought Halo Of Pendor's tape release.

Had a really nice weekend but I had to stay longer cause I was sick. I wish I'd just get sick for real for once so that my body develops some defense again these viruses. I've been sick off and on for like the past 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

uuuh! i want one, i want one! :)
// sarah

Jessica said...

aww...i want one too! :) i hope you feel better soon, laura.

Magdalena said...

I can't wait to EF's concert in Warsaw! It's so nice they have an european tour, yay!

elvis said...

i would really want to buy one, when do you know if there's some possibility to buy them over mail? :)