Snyggaste killen i världen


Some pictures I took of my beautiful boyfriend this week. We are having an awesome time, watching movies, eating nice food and thriftshopping and trying not to spend money. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's really wonderful.


Pia said...

Hihihihiiii, so sweet this post :)

Jessica said...

isn't that the best? when you are just spending time with your lovie- i know that's my favorite. i love the photos, especially the one with daniel sitting on your bed. hee!

i finished those mock magazine covers and spreads...i'll probably post them on my blog and send you the pdfs. thanks again for helping me out! you're the best!


Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

You're a fantastic photographer. That first shot looks totally iconic.

sanjeet said...

. i love the photos,
video models

Arnljot said...

WOOOOOW! Dere er kjempepene! Jätte snygge:D Åh, hit skal jeg gå mye! Glad jeg oppdaget denne bloggen! : D