15th of February


Haha, I don't know what happened on Flickr, but I looked at my stats and my views had skyrocketed from a usual 1000-2000 views per day to 8000-9000.
I love graphs so I just had to post a screenshot:

That's a welcome change! I guess it's cause I just uploaded two couples-pictures. People like couple pictures.

Today I've worked ahead on my homework a bit and now I can just sit around reading and listening to The Cure and tonight I'm going to have another Top Chef marathon, which always makes me hungry but that's ok cause I don't really have money to buy much food anyway. I booked another flight to Gothenburg the 24th, I'm staying for a week.

Hopefully my new pictures will be developed tomorrow.


Rosa Rosi said...

hihi laura de piano
veel topchef plezier maar je weet ook dat het om half 9 tijd is voor iets anders..

Teresa said...

ahahah, not really.

people like YOUR couple pictures :)

you can't pretend real love. *

sanjeet said...

he really loves you
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