12th of February

I put up another one from the 'kärlek' series cause I couldn't choose between this and the previous one.

I have so many pictures that I've never used so here are some:

(me by Daniel)

Some of these might appear on my Flickr later, not sure...
Have a nice weekend!


Love Like Birds said...

Wow, ik dacht even dat ik daar stond!
met je haar in een staart
We lijken echt zo hard op elkaar ;)
Heel mooi, Laur, echt heel mooi.
Jij en je foto's op zich

quehacessuzzy said...

You and your boyfriend are adorable,
just had to let you know :)

sanjeet said...

lovely blog
video models

katy said...

ahh! i am in love with you two ^_____^ thank you for sharing your love with the world. ♥