11th of February

longing for colours, fractures of you

I bought a new chair and even though I look like I don't like it, I really do.

Art collective "Romani Ite Domum" hailing from Dresden will come out with the very first Halo of Pendor-release! It will be a red cassette tape which is sort of indie and pretentious but mostly really cute. It will come out on Valentine's and it has 5 songs on it, it'll cost you 5€ which is next to nothing for something this nice. It's pretty exciting for me as well cause my name is in the credits for singing backing vocals, haha.

More info on the tape and how to make it yours right here.


Rosé Magritte said...

The chair is lovely, I adore the netting on the side. I wish I could see more of it, but how can I be complaining when that stun. ing. lace dress is obstructing it?

Also I wish I lived in Europe so I could do this, alas I'm in Toronto. :(

Love Like Birds said...

You're so pretty, my dear dear Laura.
And I.want.your.dress!
Warm hugs