7th of January

Scored some gems in the final sales yesterday. I really wanted this dress for quite a while so I was happy when I found it was prized down. I made the biggest profit at River Island, they go crazy at the end of the season. Fractions of the original prizes.

I've been eating avocadosalad with cucumber and pine nuts for dinner for the past 3 days, I just think it tastes better than anything else in the whole world. Today I've been doing lots of schoolassignments, shot half a roll of film and I read wikipedia articles about serialkillers. What have you been up to?


Annette Pehrsson said...

I drew birds on my cousins neck today.

love love love your blog btw, laura!

petršilček™ said...

read a book and had a beer with my friend.

i was already reading about serial killers on wiki..interesting, right? :)

Unknown said...

we willen je wat vragen, kan je ons mailen? info@ilovefashionnews.com Thanks!