Happy new year!

mourning golden morning

We spent the last days of 2009 in Kalmar with Daniels parents. We went for a walk but it was -15◦C and our hands and feet and noses were frozen so we went back after a short while. Now I have to miss Daniel for 20 days which is going to suck.

Soon I will do a bigger post with an update with some more photos and words. Now I'm going to sit on the couch and watch some tv and eat leftover oliebollen.


Roxanne Rosensteel said...

What wonderful photos! You are beautiful.
Also I find your posts very comforting. I'm going to be moving away from my boyfriend soon so we'll be separated for many days at a time as well. I just like seeing how it works for you, I can only hope the same for me.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

your photos are dreamy!!
a very happy new year to you!!

Sam said...

i can feel the cold looking at your photos! i'm ready for summer :)