31st of January


As you may or may not have noticed, I've been away to Sweden for a while. Had a wonderful time with my man in his new apartment, we hung out with friends, had lovely meals, went swimming, went to Ikea, went to see Where The Wild Things are (we both had to try hard not to cry at the end). I shopped a lot but didn't spend that much money. It was good.

We both bought iPhones so our relationship will get a bit cheaper, phonebill-wise. He's coming back in 6 days. No biggie.


ali. said...

I saw it and sobbed hysterically. It's such a great movie! As ever, I love your blog.

stephanie said...

you are an unbelievably lovely couple.

and i have to watch that movie, and you encouraged me to do so.

. said...

i am in love with that photo :) you are adorable .