13th of January

I promised I'd do a post about New Years in Kalmar!

We went out for walks in the cold, but not for long. First one by Daniel!

We played with the cats.

Danny looked supersexy, he found a really nice blazer.

We lit some fireworks but not that much cause it was so cold.

-We went to the supermarket and found the WORST Michael Jackson film ever. It was by VH1, but it seemed like it was made especially for the supermarket. You can watch it here. When Michael is supposed to turn white he actually turns a greenish-grey. Totally worth watching.
-We got nice presents.
-We played Vem Vill Bli Miljonär (Who wants to be a millionaire) and I totally rocked it, considering I'm a foreigner. Daniels mama bought the game for me to take home so I could work on my Swedish some more.
-Lots of nice food, also at my parents' during Christmas but I didnt really take photos there.


Mo said...

ooo how is your swedish going?

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

You're featured on a collage post on my blog, ciao :)