12th of January

A big thank you to all my 145 followers.

I've been studying non-stop the past days. Even though all my hard work now is the result of 5 weeks of procrastinating, I'm still really proud of my sudden motivation to get everything done before the deadline.
I hardly took any photo's, though I did shoot some film that im planning to get developed in the next few days.

Thursday I'm going to a lecture by my favourite favourite favourite writer of all time, Jonathan Safran Foer.


Hat said...

lucky! I so badly want to read Eating Animals- (but its a bit pricey atm) apparently it made people turn into vegans! (I live with a vegan so veganism isn't a crazy thing to me but its amazing how a well written book of information/facts can change someone's principles!) x

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

Haha, yeah, my boyfriend used to be vegan, now vegetarian. I'm kind of a part-time vegetarian, when I think there's a good substitute for meat I'd rather eat that but I can definitely enjoy a Whopper at BK or a steak...