Warning, really long post with lots of words.

I totally haven't been keeping up, I'm sorry. I was very caught up in real life, so much stuff going on. This is going to be long so bare with me:

Daniel arrived the 4th and we celebrated Sinterklaas (Like Christmas but Dutch and weird) at my parents' house. We got and gave loads of presents, Daniel gave me a Fjällräven backpack and I gave him the Dutch For Dummies-book.

The next day we drove to Düsseldorf and visited the Christmas market and we walked arm in arm through the cold with red noses, and we took cheesy ugly pictures in front of christmas lights.

This came straight out of the camera, I don't know why it's so ugly, haha.

Then we went to Ikea and picked out a new bed and a coffeetable and a tv bench etc.

Cause you see, I'm moving on Saturday! I'm going to move to a much much bigger apartment, with one of my best friends Willem. It's not somewhere Daniel and I can live together (cause of contracts and bureaucratic blabla that will be impossible) but it's in a really cool neighbourhood and it's close to my friends and close to Central Station and doesn't cost that much more than my current apartment.

On monday I got the keys to my new home and then Daniel and I took the train to the sea, where we had a walk along the beach. It was so cold though, so after a short while we found a little café and warmed our hands on some hot coco.


Yesterday we walked though the city and visited second hand shops, and at night we had a Paul Rudd moviemarathon, but kind of by accident at first cause almost all the movies I have are starring Paul Rudd. But we ended the night by watching I Love You Man - AGAIN. It's really our favorite movie. It won't be long til we know all the dialogs by heart.

Today I brought Daniel back to the airport and I listened to my old Death Cab For Cutie cd in the car and sang along really loud while Daniel slept in the passenger seat.

Also, I was interviewed for a Japanese site, which was funny cause I didn't really understand the questions so I just babbled away.

And I got an email from someone at American Apparel asking if they could display my one of my ugliest photos ever in the American Apparel store. Okay.

I think I mentioned everything I wanted to mention, hope you're all well and having a nice beginning of December, I always enjoy it so much when they start playing Christmas songs on the radio and decorations are up everywhere... Too bad I'm always well tired of it by the time it's Christmas.


Love Like Birds said...

Zo zalig dat American App dat doet!
Homemade pictures, leuk idee.
Je ziet wel hoeveel beter je bent geworden met foto's trekken en editen!
En dat Japans interview is megagrappig!!
Je bent zo goed bezig
Oh ik wou dat ik nog in Amsterdam was :(
Ik mis je!

Rosa Rosi said...

jeej elke komt terug naar amsterdam met haar gave band en laura wort een beroemde fotograaf en gaat wonen in het huis van mijn vriendje dat is leuk woehoe

lia said...

i really like
this blog

the pics are

Silly Susie said...

Your words are elegant and your pictures are fascinating.

Let's keep in touch.



Jessica said...

you two are so fucking adorable. i love that last photo, your red noses are so cute! hee. sounds like you had fun, and good luck with the new apartment move in! post photos! ^^

Mo said...

beautiful pics as usual.

i didn't really get the questions either lol.