21st of December

Tomorrow it's exactly 5 months ago since I uploaded my first photo to Flickr. It's unbelieveable how many positive reactions I've gotten since I started photography, I'm so thankful to everyone who has said kind things about my work. Here's a timeline of all the selfportraits I've uploaded there. Funny to see how the colours get colder when the weather got colder.

Here are two new ones that didn't make it to the collage yet.


Wow, and weird thing happened yesterday, I was watching Clueless and like an hour later my flatmate said that Brittany Murphy died. Same thing happened with Michael Jackson, like 2 days before he died I watched Live In Bucharest. I'm scared to watch movies now, I guess I'll just watch lots of movies with Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler and see what happens.


Mo said...

can you please watch Twilight ;-)

it's been said and re said, but your pics are wonderful.

ali. said...

Ha about the Twilight thing- I agree, but what's wrong with Adam Sandler? He's like a teddybear, don't you just wanna pat him on the head and give him a hug?!
And it's true, you take amazing photographs.

Jaeveberry said...

too pretty!

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

all of your photographs are so dreamy and inspiring!
you are so beautiful and creative.
i adore your blog.

Anne-Fleur said...

Hahah ja asjeblieft, doe dat. ;-)

Constance said...

Your photos are so beautiful!
What camera do you use?