20th of December

It's been snowing a lot outside! I'm really worried cause lots of flights were cancelled today and tuesday Daniel's supposed to arrive so I do hope the weather gets better. I would die if he's not here for christmas. He's coming on tuesday and we'll spend a couple of days here in Amsterdam, and a couple of days at my parents' house in the south of Holland. After that we'll fly to Daniel's parents in Kalmar to celebrate New Years.

I'm really enjoying my new home, it's nice and warm here and I have a REAL KITCHEN and superfast internet.


oh, lorinda said...

hi laura! in serious love with your look. linked you on my blog - made of mischief


M. said...

your coat is gorgeous, and yay for a real kitchen and super fast internet!


Mo said...

oo i do hope he arrives ok ! its snowing like crazy here too !