13th of December

Yesterday I moved to a much nicer and bigger apartment! I live with my friend Willem now, frequent readers of Blend Magazine or my blog may also know him as Vrederick. So yesterday my parents came with their car to move all my stuff and we also went to ikea to get some new things, the bed is new and the little white table as well. And yes, almost everything I own is from Ikea. I live on the fourth floor without an elevator, which is great cause that way I'll get some excersise. I live next to a supermarket, above a pharmacy, next to a petshop, across a retirement home, one minute away from Westerpark and right by a canal... Really nice neighbourhood!


Daniel Öhman said...

oh älskling.
the room is so nice! Its a huge difference from when we were there to see the room. Can't believe its the same room. Can't wait till next week when I come over.

I am also finish with the move from biskop to gårda. Its really cosy here.

I love you
//Din kille

Sam said...

cute room! :)

eva said...

beautiful room : )

Paint Vulgar Pictures said...

WOW laura ik kan niet geloven dat dit dezelfde kamer is!! ziet er supermooi uit man. xxxx

Love Like Birds said...

En je hele omgeving klinkt zo leuk
Shit, ik mis Amsterdam, en JOU

Amber Liz said...

Ziet er heel mooi uit!
Hoe is het verder met je??

Megan McKean said...

Great space, the set up is lovely. Hope your new home is fun fun fun!

P. said...

Nice decoration!! I really love the mirror on the wall!
Kisses from Paris,

Iulia Romana said...

Love the way you decorate it !
Enjoy it !