25th of November

one year

Today we've been together for a year, and happier than ever. Yesterday we went on a date, Daniel dressed up nicely with a bowtie. We had dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant, we went to see the new Woody Allen movie and afterwards we curled up with a blanket and hot coco and we watched our favourite movie I Love You Man.


Jessica said...

aww those are precious photos. i'm so happy for the two of you! <3

rosa rouge said...

wow. perfect!


P. said...

You are so cute!!!
I really love your style, and your photos... (In addition, you really look like physically to one of my friends, it's unbelievable! O_o)
Happy anniversary for you and congrats for your exams!! ;)


deadweight on velveteen said...

oh wow :) congratulations, hope it was a wonderful day!!!