19th of November

fall on my knees

Tomorrow my darling arrives again. This time it's only been 9 days since we've seen each other, but still it feels like ages. The 25th wil be our one year anniversary. We haven't made any plans yet but it's just such a beautiful thought to be together on this special day. If anyone hasn't heard the story of how we met, you can read it here.

In honor of our anniversary there's another song up on the Halo Of Pendor myspace, called 'I lost my heart in Amsterdam'. The lyric 'in my mind I sleep here tonight' is from a note that I left on Daniels pillow when leaving Gothenburg.



ashley moe said...

you're just too pretty.

STEFANIE said...

congrats :) cute story on how you met!

Jessica said...

yayay! i'm so excited for you and your boyf. i hope you both have a lovely anniversary together.