12th of November

Last weekend we went to Brussels. Me, Daniel, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. It was really nice, despite the bad weather. I had to be in a wheelchair cause I wasn't allowed to stress my ankle too much after my accident 2 weeks ago. Daniel was so sweet, he pushed my wheelchair all weekend with great care. Here are some photos:

Me reading the newspaper

We went on a guided tourbus which was really crappy, we couldn't hear anything the guide was saying but it was nice riding on a bus for a while.

Daniel trying out my wheelchair.

Me in the wheelchair and my assistants.

Papa and a naked woman.

My beautiful tiny boyfriend in a museum.

Mummy feet. Yuchhhh.

Dead person.

A tower.

Kriek; cherry beer!! So good. Tastes like candy but not too much.

The bed was so huge and comfy.

Me doing tv-morning excersises.

Lamp in hotel

Atomium! But we couldn't go in cause of my wheelchair.

On monday we went to Grizzly Bear and St Vincent. So amazing.
st vincent


So Magazine said...

that cherry beer is AMAZING :) and brussels, i also loved it!

SO Mag,

Kelley Anne said...

You lucky girl...Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent. I love the photo of the tower and sky!

sanne said...

It looks like you had a nice time! Would love to go to Brussels sometime, looks lovely...

Amy said...

I saw St Vicnent and Grizzly Bear at The Barbican in London. It was so dreeeeamy x


Louise Stubbe said...

I love the pictures of brussels!

heleen said...

Oh ik ben zo jaloers dat je naar Grizzly Bear bent gegaan! Ik wou ook, maar de tickets voor beneden waren al supersnel uitverkocht en kwou niet boven staan... Blij te horen dat Brussel je beviel!

Tatii said...

oh i'm so excited that you went to Brussels! That's where I'm from!! Isn't it cool? :) You seem to have had a good time there
The photos are great!