30th of November

I have lots of new photos on my Flickr and here are the most recent ones. I feel like a bond-girl in this outfit.

I noticed on Flickrstats that my photos were getting loads of views from Flickr tag searches, so I went to have a look where all these views were coming from.
If you search for the tags love, hug, boy, girl, forest, göteborg OR sweden; in EACH of these tags my photo ends up in the top 5 most interesting on all of flickr. That was quite shocking haha.


27th of November



26th of November

Hah, I just got the grades from last semester's exams back; I had a 9,4 (!) and three 7,0's. That made me really happy.


25th of November

one year

Today we've been together for a year, and happier than ever. Yesterday we went on a date, Daniel dressed up nicely with a bowtie. We had dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant, we went to see the new Woody Allen movie and afterwards we curled up with a blanket and hot coco and we watched our favourite movie I Love You Man.


19th of November

fall on my knees

Tomorrow my darling arrives again. This time it's only been 9 days since we've seen each other, but still it feels like ages. The 25th wil be our one year anniversary. We haven't made any plans yet but it's just such a beautiful thought to be together on this special day. If anyone hasn't heard the story of how we met, you can read it here.

In honor of our anniversary there's another song up on the Halo Of Pendor myspace, called 'I lost my heart in Amsterdam'. The lyric 'in my mind I sleep here tonight' is from a note that I left on Daniels pillow when leaving Gothenburg.



18th of November


Yesterday I got my bandages taken off, after a month. I was happy cause I was supposed to have them for another two weeks, but my ankle was stable enough to go without. It's still massively bruised, as is the rest of my leg. I also got happy cause my doctor was the Asian version of Barney Stinson. Doctorsuit up!

Today I stayed inside cause it was storming like crazy. Sometimes I'm afraid my windows can't handle weather like this.


16th of November

halo of pendor

New song Exes and Why's up on Halo Of Pendor's Myspace. But just for a couple of days; it's a preview for the forthcoming cassette release that will contain 5 songs.


15th of November



(Friday the) 13th of November

Look what my beautiful boyfriend bought me:

I'm really happy with it.

On a different note, I was very devestated on monday when I found out that Jerry Fuchs had died. He was the drummer for !!! and the Juan MacLean. He died a very tragic death, falling down an elevatorshaft after he tried to get out of an elevator after it had stopped between the 5th and 6th floor. Jerry was such a friendly and funny guy and a great musician and it's so weird to think he's gone. He was only 34 years old.


12th of November

Last weekend we went to Brussels. Me, Daniel, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. It was really nice, despite the bad weather. I had to be in a wheelchair cause I wasn't allowed to stress my ankle too much after my accident 2 weeks ago. Daniel was so sweet, he pushed my wheelchair all weekend with great care. Here are some photos:

Me reading the newspaper

We went on a guided tourbus which was really crappy, we couldn't hear anything the guide was saying but it was nice riding on a bus for a while.

Daniel trying out my wheelchair.

Me in the wheelchair and my assistants.

Papa and a naked woman.

My beautiful tiny boyfriend in a museum.

Mummy feet. Yuchhhh.

Dead person.

A tower.

Kriek; cherry beer!! So good. Tastes like candy but not too much.

The bed was so huge and comfy.

Me doing tv-morning excersises.

Lamp in hotel

Atomium! But we couldn't go in cause of my wheelchair.

On monday we went to Grizzly Bear and St Vincent. So amazing.
st vincent


5th of November

100 followers!! 100 high-fives. Thank you all so much for making me feel appreciated.

Promise me you'll watch this video. Andrew Bird Shreds! Better than all the other Shreds. I laughed out loud and I'm alone in my room.

And just to remind you what it can really sound like:

Love love love.


1st of November

The fun never ends! Another interview! I'm proud to have been featured with an interview and four photos on photography magazine ilovethatphoto amongst lots of brilliant photographers. Click the picture below to open in a new window.