6th of October

Some shots from my disposable camera from this summer.
christian youth hostel

There were really tasty-looking cherries up in there so Daniel climbed in to pick me some.

Quality of those last five sucks, I uploaded them on myspace cause those stupid assmunches at Photobucket keep taking EVERYTHING down once my photos get too much views. No way I'm getting a pro account there.


Marie said...

nice shots!

ashley moe said...

where on earth do you travel to that has such cute castle homes?!

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

I wish it was real, haha, i'd totally want to live there! It's in a themepark, it was Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Slanelle said...

great, it's so nice to be willing to answer a few questions ! I was thinking of using just one pic from your blog, probably a pic where you're sitted in a forest, and there's a great light (well, i don't remember exactly, but i'll find it in time :)

time for questions ! You can email me the answers (along with my questions) at phoebe239@hotmail.fr

1)can you quickly describe your blog and introduce yourself ?
2)where do you get your inspiration ?
3) what is your favorite movie / song / book ?
4) how much do you spend on clothes every month, on average?
5) What's your fashion philosophy ? (For example, you buy pieces of clothing really seldomly, or you buy one great piece every other month, or you're completely tired with fashion cuz you think it's superficial ...)
6) Do you have icons ? (audrey hepburn, kate moss, marylin monroe ..?)
7) when it comes to fashion, what would you never wear ?
8) a small list of other blogs you love ?

That's it !

You can totally say other things, even if i didn't ask lol, feel free to express whatever you want to ^^

thank you !

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

i love your blog so much
you take such lovely pictures!!


elvis said...

like your photos and words, i saw you and daniel at the hultsfred festival by the way. good luck with everything!