5th of October


I'm feeling better now, but I'm also back in Amsterdam, alone, which is kind of sucky.

A while ago I sent in a complaint to Burger King about the following: they had this promo going on where a cheeseburger with fries + cola cost only 2 euros. A similar hamburger (i.e. a cheeseburger WITHOUT CHEESE - I hate cheese) menu cost considerably more. I asked if I could have the promo menu but without the cheese and the girl behind the counter said no. I asked why not, cause if anything, it's profit for them cause they win a slice of cheese. She kept holding on to her 'no' so I walked out and ate somewhere else and then sent an email to BK, saying I should have gotten my cheeseless burger, or they should change their slogan from 'Have It Your Way' to 'Have It Only This Way Cause If You Want To Change Anything In Your Menu Our Staff Will Act Like A Giant Dick And You Might As Well Go Eat Somewhere Else'. Less catchy, I admit. Anyway, today I was pleasantly surprised when I found a letter on my doormat with sincere apologies from Burger King and 2 coupons for a free Whopper menu. Hope I can get it without cheese.


ali. said...

love it. your post just made me smile :)

Slanelle said...

beautiful, love that pic <3