31st of October

I've been featured on the wonderful Slanelle Street Style with an interview!

Happy halloween everyone! Unfortunately I can't go out and dress up, seeing as I still can't walk. Instead I'll just share some of my previous costumes with you, all self-made except the last one of course, but that was made by my mom.

Also, I've been tagged by Slanelle to post 7 things about myself:
1) I'm addicted to Lays chips with mayonaise. No, really, literally addicted.
2) I'm excited about going to see Grizzly Bear next week cause they're pretty much the only band from my favourites who I haven't seen live yet.
3) I don't eat cheese
4) I liked Michael Jackson before he was dead
5) I'm a nerd, I love sf/fantasyfilms made before '93 and knowing things.
6) I love baking
7) I have a really hard time making lists of irrelevant information about myself

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to do this too.


Slanelle said...

xD this year, my bf goes as Mario for Halloween too !

S said...

hee Laura, kwam toevallig laatst al onze myspace mailtjes over Soulwax en feesten tegen.. echt leuk/interessant om te zien hoe je veranderd bent (in een goede manier!). Ik vind je foto's echt prachtig en volgens mij ben je erg gelukkig nu, leuk om te lezen :) keep blogging!
x Saranne

Kléo said...

the Björk's dress !

Nadir H. said...

you must've had some fun :)

Mo said...

that first costume is BEAUTIFUL !