17th of october

before and again

Akron/Family - Before and Again
This song blows my mind each time I hear it.


Iulia Romana said...

The song is so adorable !
It's always a blast to find cute songs on blogs !

And the photo is great.Don't yu have a porfolio or a place where you show all your photos except blogger? If yes,send me the link.Because I like photography and I keep all my photos here : http://soulstorminnovember.deviantart.com

Hugs !

Jessica said...


hi! my name is jessica. i've been following your blog the past couple of months and i just want to tell you how much i really enjoy it. also, thank you for sharing the 'prodigal son' song, it's lovely. also, this might be weird, but whatever: i really love reading about you and your lovie. im so happy for the two of you. i'm also madly in love with someone and i know how beautiful and exciting it is, so thank you, for writing and sharing all of these things.

Fine Little Day said...

I enjoy every photo I see here!