13th of October

don't make me go home
All this missing makes me so tired. I just want to be there when you come home from work and hear about your day. I want to be there when you go to sleep and wake up. I want you to be here when I watch Sex And The City, cause I always forget the past storylines and I need you there to catch me up. I want you here cause even though I hate to admit it, you're a lot better at cleaning than I am. I want to sit on the couch with my imagerights-syllabus while you work on your songs. I would actually get things done, now I just feel tired.


Daniel Öhman said...

I miss you too honey. It will be so lovely to have you here on friday - holding you again. I'll see if I can take some time off on sunday so that we can at least have a few days of quality time together while you are here.

Mo said...

beautiful picture. Hold on, it can only get better ;-)