I'm going through all the old pictures on my external harddrive, it's so funny... I didn't even remember all the bad hairdo's I've had in life. Anyone remember me being ginger?! I must have blocked it out.

Things from last year that made me smile when i found them back:

This will forever and ever be the first picture we were in together. The guys came to pick me up from my house and Daniel rang my doorbell. The first meeting after all those long letters we wrote. He looked awful, to be honest; big beard, tired eyes... Yet I knew there was something, he was different, he was special. In the short time we'd known each other we had become great friends. I had developed certain feelings for him but never thought he would like me back in that way. Sharing the front seat, forced to touch legs, I'm pretty sure there was a spark but we were both shy. Later that night we found out that these feelings were mutual, and that's about 10 months ago now. I love this picture and I don't care that my legs looks bigger than his.

Soulwaxmas, when Chiara and I missed like EVERYTHING that was playing cause we were upstairs feasting on free food and Nintendo Wii and not falling for Gaspard From Justice's bad pickuplines.

and that dude Mickey Moonlight going: 'Get Steve get Steve get Steve...' at my camera the whole time. YES, MR SPIELBERG.

Paris with Maddie:

Going to the worst festival in the world to see Rage Against The Machine and being in pictures with strangers.

Going to the best festival in the world to see Flaming Lips (AND Sigur Ros, Fuck Buttons, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Fuck Buttons, Iron & Wine, Two Gallants and um, yeah, well, Soulwax)

EF at Stubnitz

This is what I looked like when we first met.

This is what you looked like when we first met.

This is where we met.

Elke and Buffy were there too.

London visiting Florence

Loads of parties and festivals and milestones I dont have pictures of, like De Affaire when I saw Why? and Liars, Isi Digitalisms birthdayparty when Michelle and I made a cake for Isi but ate it ourselves, the Soulwax DVDreleaseparty in april, Soulwax new years' parties way at the beginning, finally moving to Amsterdam...

Concluding now that 2008 was the best year ever. Great parties and festivals and I met the man that I love. Calmed down, settled down, don't like parties that much anymore, but up to now 2009 is looking to be just as awesome in its own right.

Going through your old pictures can really make you appreciate where and who you are where and who you and have been.


petršilček™ said...

the last sentence is really true..

Sarah A. said...

Wat een supertof DFA-shirt, is het officiële merchandise?

Anonymous said...

It can be so much fun looking back at old pictures like that! Many sweet photos :D We dont get to see a picture of you as a ginger then? haha :P When was that?

Slanelle said...

i've got that same H&M pencil skirt!