16th of September

Daniel has been visiting the past days. We took a lot of long walks and talked about how we should arrange everything, about him moving here... It's really been quite stressful to work everything out and do it right. We have been looking for jobs and appartments here and there, but we're thinking of taking things slow and do everything well thought through, instead of rushing into things and end up with less. Bad jobs, bad apartments, no money... Of course we want to be together right now but we have to think about the long run. First things first, Daniel has to work a lot on the new EF-record and put away some money. It feels good that we talked about this and made real plans that we both feel good about. Clears up my mind a bit.

Besides that, this weekend we went to visit my grandparents, went out to dinner at a Juguslavian place (so great, we got free alcohol), went to school and totally overwhelmed Daniel by introducing him to about 40 people, and we watched a whole season of How I Met Your Mother in bed while eating left-over thai food. We taught each other some songs on my ukulele. Really mindblowing how fast Daniel figures instruments out. I proudly taught him a few chords to a Beirut song and an hour later he's playing freakin Bach.

This morning he went back. His birthday is on friday and it breaks my heart that I can't be there. I want to bake him a cake with 28 candles. I know the past few years his birthdays haven't been fun, I guess it's much nicer when there's someone around who cares.

Here are some photos from last month that I realised I havent posted yet.



Marie said...

Very nice photo's! Happy birthday to Daniel,hehe :)

Rosé Magritte said...

I love this blog more and more with each post, truly.

petršilček™ said...

Hehe, I see that Daniel is into fashion ;)

Hey maybe there is some way that you could send him your cake.. ?!

Yeepcha said...

Email him a picture of you superimposed coming out of a cake, maybe covered in cake........


K. Cheng said...

Joh, wilde ik al heel lang zeggen, maar er zitten echt hele mooie foto's tussen!! Weet niet waar ik dit moet posten dus dan maar hier ^^,

Mo said...

awesome pics ! he's moving to you? how sweet.

Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

Such a cute post and great photos. Also, it is so cool that you can play some chords of a Beirut song ;)

Stephanie.27.Munich said...

the pics are really sweet!like them...wish you 2 all the best...(searching for a flat etc...)