18th of August

I have lots of randoms to share and I didn't feel like making separate posts for everything.

We were in a superlazy mood so we ordered food online. Most brilliant thing in the world: you don't have to lift a finger, just open the door and welcome the fastfood. Note the look of extreme excitement on my face.

Us in monochrome:

Some random photography:

Also, after being frustrated when finding out that Canon EOS 1000D does not work with RC-1 and RC-5 wireless shutter remotes, I found a universal wireless shutter remote with a receiver that plugs into the side. Great relief.


Anonymous said...

lovely pictures dear ♥

Autour de toi said...

Like always, I love your pics! I can fell that love is in the air! ;)

Yeepcha said...

Righty ho......you really need to start telling me all your secrets. How did you light these pictures? I am stumped. xx

katja said...

the last picture is so cute