29th of August

Ugh. I miss him so much.

Keeping myself busy though, there's a festival in the town where my parents live... Saw Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele, and tonight Who Made Who are playing.

Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele


We love nature

I've been such a bad blogger lately but we've been out and about a lot, being active and enjoying the weather and beautiful nature.

lost / found
lost / found 02


19th of August

Going back in exactly a week.

On a somewhat brighter note though, I managed to fix my iPod and saved all the music! A couple of weeks ago I started up my iPod and it would tell me there was 'No Music' etc, it didn't recognize any of the files... When I plugged it into the computer it did the same, and it told me to reset the ipod to factory settings, meaning everything would be erased. Seeing as most of the music on my iPod is not on my computer (lost most of it when changing computers and when my previous laptop crashed) I wasn't prepared to just throw everything away. For anyone running into this problem (or simply wants to transfer things from their iPod to their computer), there is quite an easy solution:

You download the program Hide & Seek, which will show hidden files on your computer. After you make invisible files visible, you open 'your iPod' and you will see there's a folder iPod_control, with a subfolder called Music. In there are all your mp3s, but with weird titles like ' AHEW' or 'HWSK' etc... However, they still have their original tags when you open them in iTunes. So I transferred everything from there to my harddrive, reset the iPod, copied everything back and I'm back in business.

I don't know if everyone in the world knew this already, but it was new to me so I thought I'd share it.

Also, I keep forcing myself to be creative instead of eating crisps in bed and watching Oprah all day (though I'd like to find a healthy balance between these two). Results:


18th of August

I have lots of randoms to share and I didn't feel like making separate posts for everything.

We were in a superlazy mood so we ordered food online. Most brilliant thing in the world: you don't have to lift a finger, just open the door and welcome the fastfood. Note the look of extreme excitement on my face.

Us in monochrome:

Some random photography:

Also, after being frustrated when finding out that Canon EOS 1000D does not work with RC-1 and RC-5 wireless shutter remotes, I found a universal wireless shutter remote with a receiver that plugs into the side. Great relief.


16th of August

Anyone on Flickr?


15th of August

Remember how I mentioned being frustrated about not going to Way Out West? I got an email yesterday from Jeremy, Andrew Bird's guitarplayer, saying I should come! Unfortunately I read it a bit too late so I only saw The Irrepressibles and Andrew Bird in the church, but both were great.

There were lots of other things going on in town, Europe were playing at Götaplatsen and all of Kungsportsavenyn was a madhouse, bands playing on the street and everything...

I was watching this funk band and a little girl came up and started dancing and she was SO. GOOD. Wow. Everyone was cheering her on and she completely stole the spotlight.

Andrew Bird was of course brilliant as always, but I was very surprised by The Irrepressibles because I hadn't seen them before. They were so ethereal and theatrical, great costumes and beautiful music. The singer-guitarist was wearing a big white wig and unicorn-horn, all the musicians were wearing angelic dresses/toga's, and they moved like coin operated dolls. The singer sounded a bit like Antony Hegarty but not as annoying.

In the big hurry to get to the festival I forgot to bring the right objective for my camera, so the photos I took really sucked.


14th of August

Sorry for being kind of boring lately. My parents have been visiting, and there's lots of festivals going on in town, one free (Kulturkalas), one not free (Way Out West). Unfortunately I can't afford to go to Way Out West (tickets are 150€), and almost all my favourite artists are playing there: Grizzly Bear, Final Fantasy, Antony and the Johnsons, Andrew Bird and much more. Daniel is away for 3 days for work and I'm sitting here watching Oprah knowing there's a lot of awesomeness going on in town. But when I think about it, it's really quite silly to watch bands and I get bored of it so easily when I'm alone, so it's ok. Gives me some time to take new photos.

Supercool dressingroom at Monki:


9th of August

Roadtrip to Frizon Festival with EF, about 4 hours away from Gothenburg. It's a Christian festival they were asked to play at. Strangely, none of us are christian, nor is EF's music. Ah, good music reaches everyone I guess ;) The festival was exceptionally clean and the people were all really kind and helpful.

On our way we stopped by a big lake and some of the guys took a swim.

Thanks to Danny for taking the next two pictures:

Thanks Thomas for this amazing next one:

Sofia and I set up the merch while the guys soundchecked. The show was really good, people were really into it; lots of people sat or lay down on the floor with their eyes closed and I even saw a guy crying. Afterwards we sold lots and lots of merchandise.

The accommodation was really nice, we got a three bedroom apartment for 6 people. The day we went back it was so warm, but luckily the van had AC.

Home again, this week my parents are visiting Gothenburg, it's so nice to see them again. On the downside, I have to go back to Amsterdam in about two weeks, which I'm not looking forward to that much.